MUNT Hypotheken
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We are MUNT Hypotheken

MUNT Hypotheken arrived on the Dutch market in 2014. We offer advisors and their customers transparent mortgages with very good and fair terms and conditions, competitive interest rates, and a clear, fast, and hassle-free application process. We provide mortgages based on capital from a large number of Dutch pension funds, making us one of the ten biggest mortgage providers in the Netherlands. We want to be the Netherlands’ best mortgage provider and lead the field. Fast, because you want a quick decision on your application. Transparent, because a mortgage is just a loan for a home. And, of course, keenly priced, because why pay more than you have to for a mortgage?

Advantages for you
You automatically pay less interest when you repay the mortgage
You incur no costs when you use your own money to make repayments on your mortgage
You benefit from falling interest rates until the moment the deed of transfer has been signed by you and the notary
You don't pay any surcharge on your interest-only loan

Who does what?

A mortgage is a loan for a home. It's that simple. The money we use to provide mortgages comes from Dutch pension funds and, if you choose us, it goes without saying that we get everything sorted for you quickly and with no hassle. But who does what? Find out here.


MUNT Hypotheken provides loans to buy a home or to refinance an existing mortgage. The organization behind MUNT Hypotheken is Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO).


Dutch Mortgage Funding Company is the biggest independent asset manager for Dutch mortgages. Institutional investors and pension funds invest through us in Dutch residential mortgages.


Stater makes the offer on behalf of MUNT Hypotheken and, if you become a customer of ours, they manage your mortgage. Stater does the same for other providers and manages more than 30% of all mortgages in the Netherlands.